(DJ) DesmondJi's Community Spirit


Agave India prides itself on the potency of its premium international quality craft spirits, liqueurs and innovative easy-to-make-cocktail blends, and how delicious they are. Our products have been designed to be savoured slowly. We recommend enjoying your drinks, but in moderation. And don’t get behind the wheel if you’ve had more than is considered permissible by law.

In good spirits

Agave India is deeply concerned with quality issues. All our products have been put to the test in laboratories with reference to potentially dangerous ingredients (e.g. methanol). Commercially available products have been used as benchmarks. We’re also very particular that Agave India products ace the taste test. We have subjected our products to countless rounds of taste-testing, most being ‘blind’. The result – so many compliments DesmondJi Blue Margarita practically went red!

In the right spirit

Agave India’s business model is based on social responsibility. Our facilities have been set-up in a remote, rural area of Andhra Pradesh, and the company is working with villagers in this semi-arid terrain to enhance their livelihood opportunities. While some of our agro-partners are cooperatives, others are private contractors (some of whom are working with small and marginal farmers), who are now seeing value from wasteland use for Agave cultivation. Brings a non-Margarita induced smile to your face doesn’t it? We are also working with tribal entrepreneur partners in economically depressed forested areas of Central India to source mahua flowers and make a difference to their livelihood opportunities.

In the long run, Agave India hopes to make a tangible difference to the quality of life of our collaborators. 

DesmondJi products may inspire colourful behaviour but our manufacturing facilities are as green as it gets.

  1. Agave India adds its own fuel to the fire: We use renewable sources of energy such as solar power for lighting and heating, where possible and affordable. The fibrous waste matter from the juicing of Agave plants is used as fuel in the boilers.
  2. Agave India hates waste: An effluent treatment facility cleanses distillery waste water making it fit for ferti-irrigation. We also finish cleaning the wastewater using phyto-remediation and use the water on our own site. We’re proud to be a ‘zero discharge plant’!
  3. Agave India likes a watery ending: The Agave plant is so rarely thirsty that it flourishes in near-drought like conditions. Nevertheless people need water and there are arrangements being made at the site for extensive water conservation, as well as plans to replenish the water table with water harvesting structures.
  4. Air pollution makes Agave India cough too: Air pollution is kept in check with multi-cyclonic dust collectors and an extra-tall chimney, ensuring that emissions remain within norms stipulated by the APPCB.
  5. Green is Agave India’s favourite colour: Extensive greening of the site is underway.
  6. Agave India doesn’t like being in the way: Our site has been chosen with the help of an expert geologist-cum-environmentalist. It is well away from human habitation, water bodies and ecologically sensitive locations.
  7. Agave India likes to have an excuse to pat itself on the back: The project has led to the generation of employment by preferential hiring of skilled and unskilled labour in an area with virtually no other manufacturing facilities. Not to speak of the good we’re doing in some tribal areas of Central India.