Orange Liqueur

A smooth blend of premium triple-distilled Indian grain spirits, pure sugars cyrstallized from India’s lush sugarcane fields, and the natural essential oils of renowned sun-kissed oranges from the Nagpur region of India, with a touch of bitter-sweet.

Sip, or use in DJ cocktails and any other cocktails requiring premium Orange Liqueur; DJ margaritas, fizzy fruity drinks, pastries, liqueur infused Cakes, Chocolates, Sweets & Savories, on ice-creams and indeed with anything you can imagine!

Price (GOA) : INR 625 per 750ml bottle.
Price (PONDICHERRY) : INR 900 per 750ml bottle.
Price (MAHARASHTRA) : INR 1800 per 750ml bottle.
Price (KARNATAKA) : INR 1850 per 750ml bottle

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