Blue Margarita

Combine this innovative and easy to use blend with lime juice and lots of ice and voila! you have a delicious Blue Margarita. It’s that simple 

An innovative and ready to serve alcoholic blend (DesmondJi Agave spirit* combined with DesmondJi Blue Curaçao) to make superb Blue Margarita Cocktails!

Lose your fear of making Blue Margarita Cocktails in glass or pitcher quantities.

Just add fresh lime juice to taste and enough ice to chill and dilute. Serve in a glass rimmed with salt. Also experiment with fresh/ packaged fruit juice to make vibrant fruity Margarita Cocktails.

Enjoy up to 15 cocktails, from one 750ml bottle.

Tequila® is a Mexican Agave Spirit & is a Geographical Indication owned by the Govt of Mexico

Price (GOA) : INR 625 per 750ml bottle.

Price (KA) : INR 1850 per 750ml bottle.
Price (PONDICHERRY) : INR 900 per 750ml bottle.

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