100% Agave

A refined and smooth Agave Spirit* that is distilled in small batch Pot-Stills – this is the top of the line of DesmondJi Spirits. Sip it slowly and savor its subtleties.

(Tequila® is a Mexican Agave Spirit & is a Geographical Indication owned by the Govt. of Mexico)

Gift of the blue-green Agave plant.

Grown in the red and black volcanic soils of India’s Deccan Plateau and nourished in a semi-arid micro-climate similar to that of Central America.

This uber-refined spirit belongs to the family of Agave-based Spirits. Sip, do shots, or use in Margaritas, premium cocktails and indeed anything you can imagine. 


Price (GOA) : INR 1100 per 750ml bottle.

Price (PONDICHERRY) : INR 1150 per 750ml bottle.
Price (MAHARASHTRA)  : INR 2800 per 750ml bottle.
Price (KARNATAKA) : INR 2030 per 750ml bottle.

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